Maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction is now imperative for any organization in an increasingly competitive environment.

Each organization depends on its customers, and maintaining and increasing satisfaction brings benefits to both parties: organization and customers.

Relations with each Customer must be developed in a sustainable manner taking into account the Community, other Partners and the Environment.

The establishment of open and frank relations contributes to a better knowledge of the needs and expectations of the Clients, and can thus take the necessary measures to fulfill these needs and expectations more effectively.

Within these principles, IFISICAS Management establishes and commits itself to the implementation, internal disclosure and its revision whenever deemed necessary, of the following quality policy:

Do well today, and better tomorrow, to be a reference in the market and move towards excellence.
This is the dynamic of IFISICAS in promoting the continuous improvement of its quality management system to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders through the provision of installation, testing and maintenance services of telecommunications and data equipment and networks. in accordance with the requirements and expectations of Customers in national and international markets.

For the implementation of this policy is essential the active participation, within the company, of ALL together and EVERYONE in particular in their area of intervention and a daily performance within the best ethical principles in all aspects and, in particular regarding Customers.


The principles of IFisicas’s security policy are the protection and safeguarding of its employees’ health, preventing potential damages resulting from the activities carried out, as well as encouraging employees to take care of their own safety, that of their colleagues, and of third parties who may be affected for their actions.



Environmental management at IFisicas involves the implementation of sustainable environmental policies, such as adequate waste management, promoting the application of the 3R’s rule: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and make more effective the use of non-renewable resources.


The company is ISO 9001 certified since 2009